Announced as the U17 women’s tournament, the competition currently taking place in Equatorial Guinea even ranked U20, before finally being considered a Senior Women’s Tournament. The fault would have come from a misunderstanding…

While some complain about the non-conforming ages of some players participating in the tournament, the Secretary General of UNIFFAC, Guy Mokopete, wanted to reassure:
“People have confused. We have five tournaments this year, four are for the U17 and U20. But as far as the women’s tournament is concerned, it’s the Seniors. « 

As for the absence of the three countries that are Cameroon, Congo and Sao-Tome & Principe in the tournament of the Union of Football Federations of Central Africa, he explains:
« The teams wanted UNIFFAC to take care of all the transport 100%. President Gustavo [Edong] and I were at a meeting that brought together CAF and FIFA and all the zones. It has been discussed a lot of things that we are unfortunately applying, and other countries do not understand. Although it was said that we were going to take care of part of the catering and accommodation, the three countries did not come. »

For a long time, the tournament was presented as reserved exclusively for the U17s. On this point, Guy Mokopete adds:
« I chatted for a long time with these presidents when they started to be reluctant. It was made clear that the U17s could continue their competition and that here it was the U20s, so that should not hinder the functioning of this tournament. « 
An explanation that doesn’t reassure about the good flow of information within the Association. One thing is sure, the tournament is now ranked senior.


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