Between Gabon and CAR, the two teams engaged in a fair division of points. Some reactions of the protagonists following the meeting

What they said

Merly Kayongo, RCA Coach

“My team played well. But it was at the last minute that an error occurred. The result doesn’t really suit me. If we won the match today, we would have had 4 points instead of the two we have.  »

Florencia Yamale, Captain RCA

« We led and then we couldn’t keep ahead and they tied. This is the game: either you win, you lose, or you draw. We will do better soon. Our ambition is to be in the lead or second. Unfortunately during our first match, we drew and the second also. We will do our best to win the next one and get five points.  »

Mbazogue, Assistant Coach Gabon

“We expected better from our players. I’m not defending the score but the team that joined us did not have a recovery time. The competition is not over. We’re going to work on making a better result in the next game. ”


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