It was under a pleasant atmosphere that ended the Women’s Tournament organized at the Parc des Princes Bali in Douala on the occasion of the celebration of March 8. The football final pitted the Women of the Regional Delegation of Sports and Physical Education of the Littoral with those of the Douala 1 City Council, and it is quite logical that the first ones won 4-3 on friday, March 2.


Angélique Touenguene, First Deputy Mayor of Douala District 1 (in black and white) and Patience Essoungou, Regional Sports Delegate for the Littoral (in red cap).


A tournament to have fun and remind women that the practice of sport is paramount, this is the bet raised by the Town Hall of Douala I in order to magnify the woman in the month of March that is dedicated to her. The football practice is widespread in Cameroon and it easily brings together hundreds or thousands of spectators. This certainly explains why the choice fell on this discipline still very exclusive for this tournament of the woman.

There is no reason to be ashamed of the performance of both teams in the field. “A moment of unparalleled cohesion” these are the words used by Angelique Touenguene, First Deputy Mayor of the district of Douala I, in charge of decentralized cooperation and communication to describe the meeting.

Mao Mpondo recevant son prix d’Angélique Touenguene.

The atmosphere of the “Parc des Princes” of Bali showed enough that it was indeed a celebration of the female sport. Who would have thought that the ladies of the Town Hall of Douala I could have stood up to the specialists of the Regional Delegation of Sports and Physical Education and Sport of the Littoral?

The game offered was a pleasant suprise for the numerous assistance at the occasion. The match was interesting from start to finish, under the eyes of Patience Essoungou, regional sports delegate of the Littoral who showed great satisfaction to see her team win the tournament. 4 – 3 is the final score. Note that special prizes have been awarded to some actresses of the meeting including that of Mao Mpondo (City Hall Dla 1st) who received the trophy of the oldest player in the field.

Initiatives like this one would benefit from being multiplied. Unfortunately, the high cost of the organization does not encourage other organizations to follow suit. Although local sponsors are struggling to support such initiatives. But who knows? Maybe the next few years will hold better plans for women!


2018 Women’s Tournament Trophy with Patience Essoungou and Angélique Touenguene.


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