Twenty-five African female athletes took part last weekend (from Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th February 2018) at the Paris Grand Slam and none reached the top quartet.


Tina Trstenjak, Martina Trajdos, Clarisse Agbegnenou and Miku Tashiro (podium -63kg)


During the preparation of the event, Africa had many hopes for its athletes. Having twenty-five female athletes for this single competition was a kind of victory. They was representing seven different countries. And for this fair number of athletes, the objective was to bring back at least one medal. Unfortunately the reality quickly caught up with our representatives.

The difference in level between African athletes and others has been noticed.

It must be emphasized, however, that our best people are competing today for nations that have been able to offer them what their country of origin could not have. In this regard we can mention amongst others Audrey Tcheuméo whose parents are from Cameroon and Clarisse Agbegnenou who has a Togolese father. Of course, this is not the point today. Without questioning the talent of our athletes, it is still important to keep a bit of clarity and admit that there is still a lot of work to do for our athletes to get to the top.

Neither Vanessa Mballa Atangana from Cameroon nor Amina Belkadia from Algeria was really dangerous. The best African performance is signed by Moroccan Assmaa Niang, who finished fifth in the -70 Kg category.

The African representatives rubbed shoulders with more experienced judokas accustomed to high level competitions. Result of the races, no African on a podium.

As a reminder, each category presented a quartet of medals rather than a trio.

A gold medal for first place
A silver medal for the second
Two bronze medals for the third


Take a look at the complete results.


-48 Kg

1 Daria BILODID Ukraine
2 Yujeong KANG Korea
3 Maryna CHERNIAK Ukraine
4 Urantsetseg MUNKHBAT Mongolia


-54 Kg

1 Uta ABE Japan
2 Amandine BUCHARD France
3 Astride GNETO France
4 Distria KRASNIQI Kosovo


-57 Kg

1 Christa DEGUCHI Canada
2 Tsukasa YOSHIDA Japan
3 Nekoda SMYTHE-DAVIS Great-Britain
4 Jisu KIM Korea


-63 Kg

1 Clarisse AGBEGNENOU France
2 Miku TASHIRO Japan
3 Tina TRSTENJAK Slovenia
4 Martina TRAJDOS Germany


70 Kg

1 Sally CONWAY Great-Britain
2 Chizuru ARAI Japan
3 Marie Eve GAHIE France
4 Kim POLLING Netherlands


-78 Kg

1 Audrey Tcheumeo France
2 Guusje STEENHUIS Netherlands
3 Madeleine MALONGA France
4 Shori HAMADA Japan


+78 Kg

1 Minjeong KIM Korea
2 Yan WANG China
3 Iryna KINDERSKA Azerbaijan
4 Akira SONE Japan





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