She is a champion in athletics known as the main opponent of Marie-Josée Ta Lou: she is another proof that Côte d’Ivoire is a country of female sprinters. Nevertheless Murielle Ahouré has more than one trick in her bag.


We are not going to talk about Murielle’s performance even if she has an impressive record: silver medal in the 100m and 200m at the 2013 Moscow World Championship, gold medal in the 100m at the African Championships in Durban in 2016 and ranked fourth in the 100m at the World Championships London 2017… This is just to give you an idea of the talent of the 30 years old Ivorian. The beauty fascinates us as much on athletic tracks as outside. She makes us fall in love “again” with the short haircut.

Murielle Ahouré for Vlisco campaign, October 2015.

How many times have you thought of changing your look? Maybe you’re tired of the sweltering heat and you think it would not be so bad to shorten your spikes? You want to wear a little shorter hair but you are afraid of the results. We have an idea of you problem: you are especially afraid of what to do after having cut your hair, it is justified!

Murielle Ahouré has the answer to your questions. She is a chameleon of the short cut. Her hair is always perfect. Whether it is frizzy, smooth or curly she has a gift to coax it! For you, we have selected the most beautiful pics where her hair looks great! Maybe she will inspire you.

Murielle Ahouré, Grand Cabaret du Coeur, Abidjan, 2014
Murielle Ahouré, Olympic Games London 2012.
Murielle Ahouré, December 2017
Murielle Ahouré, January 2018
Murielle Ahouré, October 2016
Murielle Ahouré, Dakar.
Murielle Ahouré, Meeting Grand Prix, Roma Italy.




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