While England looked as the favorite team of this first semifinal against Japan, it is however the Japanese who took the upper hand at a well balanced meeting. By defeating the Young Lionesses 2-0, the young Nadeshiko qualify for the final.

It was under a sunny afternoon at stadium of La Rabine that this first semi-final between England and Japan took place. The match turned in favor of Futoshi Ikeda‘s Young Nadeshiko, who had a 3-1 win in their previous match against England.

For this decisive encounter against England, the Japanese knew that it was necessary to set the pace of entry and pose problems to the Young Lionnesses. Yet it is the young English who are threatening from the kickoff. They create a few opportunities well managed by the Japanese babysitter Hannah Stambaugh.

The roles are reversed a few minutes later and Japan settled well in the game. In the 22nd minute, the young Nadeshiko’s efforts are rewarded with Ueki opening the scoring and scoring his fifth goal in the tournament.

Japan leads 1-0.

Five minutes later, the Japanese doubled their lead thanks to an achievement signed Endo in the 27th minute. A 2-0, Japan miss even the opportunity to score a third goal in the 34th minute when Fuka Nagano‘s curling shot crashes on the post.

Despite England’s efforts to score at least one goal, the score will remain there. Japan qualifies for women’s U-20 World Cup final after a controlled match.

The Young Lionesses can feed regrets, they who appeared as the big favorites of this meeting before the kickoff in view of their course during the tournament.

Note that Fuka Nagana, the player of the Japanese U20 selection, was elected player of the match


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