The dream was definitely too good. After starting the first division championship of female football under the aegis of the LFFC (Cameroon Women’s Football League) on October 18, the matches have been interrupted.

The clubs demand the payment of subsidies in order to continue with the holding of games. At the start of the season, Fecafoot had given the clubs 1,250,000 FCFA and at almost halfway through the season, this amount was insufficient to be able to continue.

The clubs are supposed to receive 5 million CFA Francs as subsidy for this season. For most promoters, this amount would mean nothing since the expenses made during the season for transportation, accommodation, match bonuses, and staff salaries are beyond the amounts proposed.

However, by choosing to settle for this amount of 5 million FCFA, the promoters of women’s football clubs hoped at least to receive this sesame in time and organize themselves accordingly. Unfortunately only a quarter of the sum was given to them after 9 days of a championship which counts 22.

Invited to Yaounde for a consultation meeting, the club leaders had been ignored and those who had after hours of long waiting to return to their respective cities reluctantly. The lack of funding for Fecafoot suggests an unpreparedness for the season.

The wages that were promised to the players are now a distant memory. None of the announcements made were respected as well on the holding of women’s football matches at the curtain raiser of the men’s championship, the playing areas which are always the same obsolete and unsuitable.

Will the championship be able to resume under these same conditions or will we witness an interruption until a rational solution is found?


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