At the end of the second day of the women’s tournament at UNIFFAC, Equatorial Guinea ranks first with 4 pts followed by the RCA 2 pts. Chad, DRC and Gabon are at the bottom of the table with 1 point each. Here is the full program of the tournament.

The third day scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 2020 will be a defining day for all the selections present at the first UNIFFAC tournament organized for over a year.

The competition program includes the following posters:

02/18/2020 Equatorial Guinea 2-1 Gabon (Ebibeyin)

02/18/2020 Chad 0-0 Central African Republic (Mongomo)

02/20/2020 Equatorial Guinea 1-1 DRC (Ebibeyin)

02/20/2020 Gabon 1-1 Central African Republic (Mongomo)

02/22/2020 Chad vs Gabon (Ebibeyin)

02/22/2020 DR Congo vs Central African Republic (Mongomo)

02/24/2020 DR Congo vs Chad (Mongomo)

02/24/2020 Central African Republic vs GE (Ebibeyin)

02/26/2020 GE vs Chad (Mongomo)

02/26/2020 Gabon vs RCA (Ebibeyin)

02/28/2020 Final: First vs Second


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