In front of the Media on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, through the online platform AFM, the president of the Standardization Committee of the Comorian Football Federation spoke on several subjects. Sport au Féminin decided to focus on the president’s ambitions for women’s football in her country.

Kanizat Ibrahim, president of the Standardization Committee of the Comorian Football Federation

Q: As a woman at the head of the federation, where do you place women’s football in your country and what does it take to develop it?

A: I think that women’s football has a fairly important place in our country. I think promoting women’s football is pretty important to me anyway because they have shown that they have a lot of skills. Now there is a lack of resources so I think there should be more coaching, a lot of awareness and promotion to help them move forward. As a woman once again I would do everything I can for this promotion.

Madam President, how is women’s football in the Comoros and what do you think is its future?

Women’s football in the Comoros is still in its infancy as I said a little earlier I think there is a future because more and more young girls are interested in football and we see a significant change at the level of young girls. More and more, parents are seeing their daughters playing football so it’s a very good thing in itself. And I think that with a little more promotion and especially resources, we can succeed in making our female team an excellent team. I also think that in the region they can go very far. In any case, we are monitoring them closely and are making sure that it can be completed very soon.

What comparison do you make between women’s football 10 years ago and today?

I think 10 years ago women started very late. It was more of the seniors. Today we are going to take them, we are going to say “in the cradle”. We are looking for young girls by following them closely. We support them in the various competitions to see of course their development.


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