Women’s Sport International Day will be celebrated on friday 24th January. The day aims to attract media coverage and heighten awareness on female sport.

24 hours of female sport

There are still inequalities between men’s sports and women’s sports. It is a way to remind the situation by celebrating a Women’s Sport International Day. When it comes to women, things get hard. They always need to claim for same rights and opportunities as men no matter the field of activity. For so long, men were the priority. Now it is time to put in place a perfect equity between both.

Gender equality is what we are fighting for. We know that the answer is closer than in the past. So many people especially women are doing their best to put under the spotlights every great athlete. It is time to take action like we said below. The issue is pressing and some institutions are acting now. The national Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) launches some actions in favor of women’s sports by broadcasting the major sports competitions involving women. We think about 2015 Women Afrobasket. We watched it on CRTV. Maybe it was the least to do as Cameroon hosted the event. But no need to underestimate some efforts. We appreciated 2016 Women Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) broadcast especially because Lionesses were just exceptional. We are a little bit sad that they lost in final against the Falcons of Nigeria… This is an occasion to pay tribute to the outstanding performance of Nigeria.

In October 2017, it was up to volleyball Lionesses to shine on the occasion of Women’s African Volleyball Championship and they did it. We happily watched the competition organized by Cameroon right live on national television. It is a small victory but « they » are finally understanding that betting on women it is not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, our athletes are becoming more and more competitive no matter their sports discipline.

To go further it is time to think how to feminize our sports federations and their directions. Who can stand up for women better than themselves ? We want more women coaches to manage women’s teams. And this is more than legitimate. No men’s team in Cameroon is driven by a woman. Why should we let the opposite go on ? For starting, we should leave female teams to women.

Women on every ground.

Imagine what it would look like ! Women would understand they can do great things for themselves without waiting for men to lead. They would have in mind that their future belongs to them. There is a place for every talented, hardworking and determined woman. What if women’s salaries were increased ? We don’t have to pack earlier but optimism is a quality. Let’s talk about the impact on young girls ! We would certainly see more daring and commitment from these last. What safer way to get better results and great performances !

This a cause that should be embraced by the NCC, our famous National Council of Communication and also the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon. These institutions have to regulate the sector by setting quotas and thus promoting the feminization of local sport.

Since each small step is a victory, the future looks bright. We know that male hegemony is fast coming to an end.

We will make it!



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