Cameroon’s handball cup has found its final among the ladies with Saturday’s victories of TKC and Dynamique Bokito against respectively Fanz and FAP Yaoundé.

The finals follow each other and are similar in Cameroon handball cup. After a 2017 final between TKC and Dynamique Bokito, the two teams will compete again in the final 2018. The verdict fell last Saturday after the semi-finals of the tournament in Yaounde.

The match between Dynamique Bokito and Fap de Yaoundé was the tightest of the two semi-finals. Indeed, the two teams were neutralized throughout the meeting being shot for blow. And it is on the wire that Dynamique Bokito takes over the team of the Armed Forces and Police. 18-17 is the result at the whistle of the meeting.

In the other semifinal, TKC against Fanz took the lead in the lead and the score at the end of the game was 25-21. This 100% Yaounde duel dominated by the TKC has propelled Roger Milla’s club to a new final of the Cameroon Handball Cup.


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