The second day of the national championship handball women and men were held this Saturday, March 24, 2018. The matches took place in Douala and Yaounde.

Fap Women is recovering thanks to their victory over Fanz Yaounde after their failure of the first day against Dynamique de Bokito. With regard to the club of Bokito thaat will soon defend his blazon in the African Championship of the clubs winners of handball cup, this one did not make gift to YUC of Yaoundé his opponent of the weekend. Serge Guebogo’s team easily won at home 37 – 06.


Image Archives 54th Handball Cup of Cameroon’s Final


Here are the scores of the second day of the Elite Handball Championship of Cameroon.


Fanz Yaounde 14 – 25 FAP Yaounde (W)

Dynamique de Bokito 37 – 06 YUC of Yaoundé (W)



Eclair of Eseka 29 – 28 YUC of Yaoundé (M)

Douala Phoenix 12 – 22 FAP Yaounde (M)

Fanz of Yaoundé 24 – 21 AS MINUH


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