On Sunday, February 18, Cameroon has received Nigeria in the second leg of the final round of Uruguay 2018 qualifiers. The younger lionesses held a new draw 1 – 1 that led them into the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup.


The official logo of the U17 Women’s World Cup in Uruguay.


It was necessary to preserve the 2 – 2 result obtained in the first leg in Nigeria or better winning the Nigerian team in order to qualify. And the lionesses have managed their bet: they will participate for the second time in a final phase of the U17 Women’s World Cup.

U17 lionesses were the ones who played agressively from the beginning of the match. Alice Kameni opened the scoring in the first half and it is with this 1 – 0 score that both teams went on break. From the return of the half time, the opportunities followed each other teams. It is therefore logically that Nigeria equalized ten minutes before the end of regulation time through Precious Martha (79 ‘). The score will remain the same: Cameroon 1 – 1 Nigeria.

Cameroon will participate in its second U17 Women’s World Cup. The appointment will take place from November 13 to December 1, 2018 in Uruguay. Ghana and South Africa are the other two qualified nations in the Africa.


Cameroon players against Nigeria

  • Marina Ngo Esse
  • Henriette Monkam
  • Michelle Moumazim
  • Florence Fanta
  • Natacha Elam Ekosso
  • Viviane Mefire ©
  • Claudia Dabda
  • Fadimatou Kome
  • Marie Ngah Manga
  • Zouwairatou Moussa
  • Alice Flora Kameni


The substitutes

  • Vanessa Kalieu
  • Diane Sindje Tchanko
  • Nina Nke Nke
  • Élyse Ndome
  • Xaverie Tchomte
  • Brenda Thabe
  • Christ-Emilienne Onomo


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