Logic respected last weekend during the third round of the Cameroon Cup of women’s football. Amzones FAP defeated Panthère Security 3-2 after overtime and Louves Minproff inflicted a 7-0 scoreline on AC Green City.

Hard for amateur clubs and those of the regional leagues to resist against the clubs of first division of women’s football. Saturday and Sunday were the matches of the third round of the Cameroon Cup and AC Green City did not weigh heavily against the impressive team Louves Minproff. River score for one of the biggest women’s football clubs in Cameroon who gave the young team of the Green City Academy a score of 7-0.

Amazones FAP had more trouble getting rid of Panthere Security. Yet they are the most dangerous at the kickoff of the game. At half-time, they lead 2-1. The players of Panthère Security however equalize in the second period. 2-2 is the score at the end of regulation time.

It is necessary to wait for the extension to see the girls of FAP taking the advantage and despite the numerous attempts of one camp as in the other, the score will remain there. Amazones FAP of Yaoundé beat Panthère Security 3-2 after the extra time and qualifies as Louves Minproff for the next round of the Cameroon Cup women’s football.



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