The second day of the Cameroon interclub championship started on Saturday, March 3, in Bafoussam. Sandrine Joëlle Mbumi has once again distinguished herself by winning the gold medal in the long jump in 6 meters 65. Tatah Carine recent winner of the 2018 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope finished in third place in the 5000 m.


France Maffokem, winner of 10 Km Walk in Zenith Meeting Interclubs 2018 in Bafoussam.


Bafoussam is vibrating to the rhythm of the athletes’ performances present for this second day of the national interclub championship. After Yaounde last January, it is now the turn to Bafoussam to receive the best athletes of the country. And the meeting that spans two days has delivered its first results with some nice surprises at the rendezvous.

Tomorrow will be the finals of 200, 400, 1500 and 10.000 M. Also scheduled are the finals of the triple jump and the discus throw. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the last rounds.

Here are the complete results of this Saturday, March 03, 2018.


100 M

Ranking Athlete Region/Club Performance
Gold Bivina Abessolo FAP 11.71
Silver Irène Bell Bonog CMSP 11.76
Bronze Njuh Nsella S. 12.50


800 M

Ranking Athlete Region/Club Performance
Gold Liliane Nguetsa El Pressing 2.10.03
Silver Inès Djiokeng AIA 2.19.26
Bronze Tawasna FAP 2.25.93


5000 M

Ranking Athlete Region/Club Performance
Gold Stéphanie Nguelifack INJS 18.15.96
Silver Sylvéria Ngong FAP 18.26.36
Bronze Tatah Carine FAP 18.35.96


Walk 10 KM

Ranking Athlete Region/Club Performance
Gold France Maffokem Ayoma 1h03’44
Silver Doriane Fopa Ayoma 1h08’35
Bronze Marie Yong FAP 1h12’18


Long jump

Ranking Athlete Region/Club Performance
Gold Sandrine Joelle Mbumi CMSP 6m65
Silver Delphine Sarwissi FAP 5m86
Bronze Joureya Mahamat 5m61


High Jump

Ranking Athlete Region/Club Performance
Gold Fouda Moumbagna INJS 1m65
Silver Kevine Kouoche N3 1m55
Bronze Inès Larimber INJS 1m55



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