FIFA has made public the amount allocated to the clubs whose players took part in the last FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

Regarding the calculation of the remuneration of each club, FIFA specifies “For the first edition of the Solidarity Fund of the FIFA Women’s World Cup ™ for clubs, a global fund of USD 8.46 million has been established, which represents a share of the overall financial contribution of USD 50 million devoted to the competition. The amounts to be distributed were divided between the clubs that made the players available (“current club”) and the training clubs. “

The world football authority did not fail to note the distinction between the “Current Club, Club with which a player who participated in the Women’s World Cup was registered between the start of the preparation phase and the end of the competition , namely from May 24 to July 7, 2019 “and the “Training Club(s), club(s) having formed one of these players between the ages of 12 and 22 “.

The total amount of $ 8.46 million was divided equally between the two different types of clubs. The calculation of the exact remuneration for the eligible clubs takes into account the number of days of participation of each team in the competition, namely from the start of the preparation phase (May 24, 2019) until the day after the last match of the team in the competition. The number of matches actually played by a player is not taken into account.



Clubs, Total amount to be collected (in US dollars and CFA francs)

Louves Minproff de Yaoundé – 33,270 (FCFA 19.2 million)

Lorema Filles de Yaoundé – 30,690 (FCFA 17.7 million)

Canon Sportif Filles de Yaoundé – 30,250 (FCfa 17.5 million)

Amazons FAP – 22,550 (13 million)

Éclair Football Filles de Sa’a – 13,300 (FCFA 7.6 million )

Franck Rohliceck Football School – 11,570 (FCFA 6.6 million)

African Women’s Association (AWA) FC – 8,410 (FCFA 4.8 million)

AS Green City Yaoundé – 7,520 (FCFA 4.3 million)

Black Queens Mfandena – 6,230 (FCFA 3.6 million)

Ngondji Nkam Yabassi – 5,340 (FCFA 3 million)

Princess Mbanga – 3,560 (FCFA 2 million)

Tonnerre Kalara Football Girls – 3,560 (FCFA 2 million)

Caïman Filles Douala – 3,560 (FCFA 2 million)

AS Etoile Rouge Filles Edea – 3,560 (FCFA 2 million)

Sawa United Girls – 2,670 (FCFA 1.5 million)

FC 2000X Filles Mimboman – 2,670 (FCFA 1.5 million)

AS Locomotive Yaoundé – 2,670 (FCFA 1.5 million)

AS Génie Douala – 2,670 (FCFA 1.5 million)

Femina Stars Ebolowa – 2,670 (FCFA 1.5 million)

Justice FC Douala – 1,780 (FCFA 1 million)

AS Jefca Douala – 1,780 (FCFA 1 million)

Express Football Filles Garoua – 1,780 (FCFA 1 million)

AS Estuaire Filles Douala – 890 (FCFA 500,000)

FC Yaoundé 5 – 890 (FCFA 500,000)

JS Filles Yaoundé – 890 (FCFA 500,000)

Panther Security Filles FC – 890 (FCFA 500,000)


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