The Nigerians are majestic at home where the 21st African Athletics Championships have been held since August 1st. Ese Brume thanks to a jump at 6m83 won the final of the long jump.

Marthe Yasmine Koala from Burkina Faso takes the silver medal with a performance of 6m54. The podium is completed by Linque Beneke of South Africa with a jump of 6m38.

The discus throw was also dominated by the Nigerians who make a double (gold, silver) in the event final.

The medal board

Long jump

Rank Athlete Country Performance
1 Ese Brume NGR 6m83
2 Marthe Yasmine Koala BFA 6m54
3 Linque Beneke RSA 6m38


Discus Throw

Rank Athlete Country Performance
1 Onyekwere Chioma NGR 58m09
2 Okoro Chinwe NGR 57m37
3 Ischke Senekal RSA 53m82


*Sanama Angounougou (CMR) ends up in the 8th position with a 44m63 performance.


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