The quarter-finals of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup have reached their verdict. The meetings that took place on Thursday, August 16th and Friday, August 17th, determined the actors of the last square. And it is England, Japan, Spain and France who are the lucky semi-finalists of the tournament.

The details of the fixtures

Spain 2-1 Nigeria

Nigeria will not be halves following its setback against La Rojita. The Super Falconets were led 2-0 in the first half and despite their reduction in the score by Efih in the second half, they failed to turn the tide.


France 1-0 DPR Korea

The defending champion lost to the hosts in a tight duel. Indeed, the blue took over thanks to Delabre‘s only goal that converted a penalty in the 29th minute.


England 2-1 Netherlands

The Young Lionesses beat the Dutch despite the opener of the Oranges. In the 12th minute, Vitoria Pelova took advantage of an error by English defender Megan Finnigan to open the scoring. The Netherlands leads 1-0. Eight minutes later, it is the turn of the English to put forward and it is the Manchester City player Georgia Stanway who is lucid. She puts the two teams tied (1-1) before giving a lead (2-1) to her selection.


Germany 1-3 Japan

With three goals scored in the second half (Endo 59 ‘, Ueki 70’, Takarada 73 ‘), Japan has validated its ticket for the semi-finals of the tournament and will face England next round. Note that the German goal was scored by Minge eight minutes from the end of regulation time.

The semi-finals will take place on Monday, August 20th. The first poster England-Japan is scheduled at 15:30 and France-Spain at 18:30 (French time).


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